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Jump For It!

February 23, 2011

Hey there! What’s up? It’s Max, and I can’t believe another week has gone by. A lot of us watched the NBA All-Star game on TV, and it was really cool to see the players doing all those awesome shots and dunks. They can jump so high. It’s amazing. The Hospital Critterz kept trying to copy the players and jump as high as they could, and Kwon Do got pretty high up when he used his crutch as a pogo stick. But no one got as high up as Dr. Duck Ling…but that’s because he can actually fly! Sometimes it looks like the players are flying. Basketball is awesome. I wish Kite Tree had a team. Maybe one day it’ll have one. And maybe I’ll be on it! That’d be so fun. I wonder what position I’d play. Hmmm. Point guard? Power forward? Well, I have time to decide.

See you guys later! Bye for now!

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