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March MAXness

March 23, 2011

Hi there, what’s up? It’s Max, and I’ve been glued to the TV and computer lately. Why? Because it’s March Madness! That’s when college basketball teams play each other to become the national champion. It’s a great time of year! (It’s also the beginning of spring. Ping & Pong wanted me to type that.)

Have you been watching the games? Is there a team you’re rooting for? Tell me! I’ve been watching and looking at scores online, but I really can’t decide my favorite team this year. The scores of these games have been so close that it’s hard to tell which team will win. And the games have really been coming down to the final seconds. It’s pretty intense…and exciting! Some of the Critterz have picked teams to root for. Beary Bruised was cheering on UCLA because their mascot is the Bruin, which is a bear. (But UCLA isn’t in it anymore. Oh, well.) Dr. Duck Ling is rooting for the University of Kansas because their mascot is a mythical bird called a Jayhawk. And Lily is rooting for the University of North Carolina because she likes the blue color of their uniforms. Whatever the reason, it’s sure fun to watch. The next group of games starts tomorrow. I can’t wait!

Bye for now!

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