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Slam Dunk!

April 6, 2011

Hey! It’s Max, and just in case you missed it, Monday night was the college championship basketball game. Did you watch it? The UConn Huskies beat the Butler Bulldogs 53-41. Kwon Do really liked the game because both schools have mascots that are dogs! It was a cool game to see, but it looked like both teams were a little nervous, and they missed some shots. But I understand why they were nervous. It was a big game with millions of people watching. I think anyone would be nervous!

My favorite part was watching a player named Kemba Walker. He’s on UConn. And what’s really cool is that he’s only 6 ft. 1 in.! And while that sounds tall by most standards (especially to the Hospital Critterz!), that height is on the smaller side for a basketball player. You see, Amar’e Stoudemire is 6 ft. 10 in., Dwight Howard is 6 ft. 11 in., and Pau Gasol is 7 ft. That’s really tall! But I think Kemba Walker’s height is what makes him an even better player. He has to push himself harder, and that’s a really good quality to have not only in sports, but in everything! And you should see him dunk! It’s incredible! Dr. Duck Ling said that Kemba’s last name should be “Jumper” instead of “Walker.”

So, congrats UConn, and Butler, too, for making it to the championship! And now I guess it’s time to move on…to the NBA Playoffs and Major League Baseball season! Batter up!

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