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It’s Right to Write

April 13, 2011

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily, and I’m feeling silly. Beary Bruised is sitting right here, so let’s write a poem that will make him cheer. April is National Poetry Month!

There are a lot of different types of poems. Some are long, and some are short. Some have rhymes, and some do not. In school I learned that an acrostic poem is a poem that’s formed when you write a word vertically down the page, and each line in the poem starts with a letter from the word that you wrote. Here’s an example:

McPopper Children’s Hospital
by Lily

Helpful people all around
Open their hearts to all of us kids.
Special friendships are made every day.
Pediatricians and nurses who really care
In a place that’s filled with smiles, hugs, and winks.
They are our friends, and families, too.
And, don’t forget,
Lily, Max, and the Hospital Critterz are here for you!

Now it’s your turn to write an acrostic poem. And please post it on our blog! We’d love to read it! And…have a critterrific day!

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