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A New June

June 1, 2011

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and today is the first day of June. When I think of June, I think of one thing…summer! The school year is ending, and the summer fun begins. And that means going to the beach, playing with friends, and lots of time outside. What are you doing this summer? Are you going on a trip? Are you going to camp? Tell us!

Last summer I went to a sports camp. We played soccer, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey. They also had a Ping Pong table that Ping & Pong would’ve really liked (besides sharing the name) because it was next to a big garden. The only problem was that sometimes when we’d play, the ball would land in the bushes, and it was really hard to find between the leaves and branches. My friend has a Ping Pong table at his house, and he uses Ping Pong balls that glow in the dark so he can play at night. I think those balls would’ve come in handy at the camp so we could find the ones that got stuck in bushes. But even though we lost a lot of balls, we had a lot of fun!

Bye for now!

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