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It Ended in Six!

June 15, 2011

Hey, what’s up? It’s Max at the computer today. Did you have a good week since Lily last posted? I did. And I know who else did…the Dallas Mavericks! On Sunday night, they beat the Miami Heat and won the NBA championship. They played six games, and each one was really intense. Kwon Do and I kept yelling at the TV while we were watching. We’d shout, “Pass! Shoot! Take the three!” You’d have thought we were there! Then Jella started watching and yelling at the TV, and I think they probably could hear her all the way at the game! She’s a great fan to have on your side.

My favorite player on the Dallas Mavericks is J.J. Barea. He’s 6 feet tall, but he’s out there playing against guys like LeBron James who’s 6 feet 8 inches and Chris Bosh who’s 6 feet 11 inches. And Barea is dominating! He’s so quick when he gets the ball. It’s fun to watch him speed around the other tall players and make awesome shots. It was really cool.

Bye for now!

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