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Summer Stories

June 22, 2011

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily, and I guess it’s officially summer. Yesterday was the summer solstice, and that’s when the Earth tilts toward the sun more than on any other day in the whole year. The summer solstice really marks the first day of summer for all the people who live in the northern part of the Earth. And that’s where Kite Tree, California is!

With the start of summer, I like to pick out books that I’m going to read during the next few months. Some schools pass out lists of books that they recommend, and public libraries have these lists as well. Or you can always ask a librarian, teacher, or friend for some titles of books that he or she enjoyed. Do you know what you’re going to read this summer? There’s one book I really hope you choose…can you guess it? It’s Hospital Critterz: The Prairie Pet! And then you can write to us and tell us what you think! I have a feeling you’ll like reading it.

So, bring out the sun block and gather up some books, because summer is here, and the fun is just beginning. And don’t forget…have a critterrific summer day!

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