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Made in the Shade

July 27, 2011

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and I’d like to say hi out there to all of our readers. It’s a warm day in Kite Tree, and Cherry-Ot told me it’s been hot all over the U.S.A. So wherever you are, I hope you’re staying cool! I asked around, and here are some things to do inside when it’s too hot to go out!

Beary Bruised says you can play a board game or a card game, or you can do a puzzle.

Kwon Do says you can play hide-and-go-seek.

Miss Soy says you can ask an adult to help you make lemonade or a fruit smoothie. (It’s good to drink a lot when it’s so hot outside!)

Ditto says you can build a model car or airplane that’s a smaller copy of a real car or airplane.

Fishy Kitty says you can play computer games or practice your typing.

Ping & Pong say you can learn how to garden indoors and grow things like tomatoes and lettuce.

Jella says you can learn a new song or sing your favorite songs. And you can even learn how to play an instrument!

Dr. Duck Ling says you should learn a new joke to tell your friends. Here’s one: What time is it when your clock breaks? Time to get a new clock!

Day Z Girl says you can spend time with your family and ask them questions. You’ll definitely learn something new!

Lily says you can draw a picture or do an art project.

As for me, I always like playing video games.

And Mr. Pan-D says you can take a nap. (That’s what he’s doing right now.)

But I think Cherry-Ot has the best idea. She says you can read a book, and we hope that book is Hospital Critterz: The Prairie Pet! We know you’ll like it! And that way you can stay “cool” in every way!

Bye for now!

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