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Music is Amusing

October 5, 2011

Hey, what’s up? It’s Max, and October has arrived! The months are sure going by fast, aren’t they? And coming up this Friday, October 7th, is the birthday of one of the most famous and talented musicians in the world. Can you guess who it is? His name is Yo-Yo Ma. He’s a cellist, and he’s Jella’s favorite cellist to be exact. Jella told me that when he plays, it’s like you’re taken on a musical journey. And whether he plays a classical piece or a more modern piece, the notes just fill up the air!

Yo-Yo Ma was born in France in 1955, and he started playing cello when he was four. He practiced a lot and was so good that he and his parents moved to New York where he got even more professional training. Now he plays cello as a soloist, in symphonies, and with other top musicians. He has won a lot of musical awards (like Grammys), and President Obama recently gave him the Presidential Medal of Honor, which is America’s highest honor for a civilian. That’s pretty awesome!

When I hear about musicians like Yo-Yo Ma, it really makes me want to learn a musical instrument. Do you play an instrument? What do you play? I think it’d be fun to learn to play the cello. Or the violin. Or the piano. Or the flute. Or the guitar. Or the trumpet. Or…there are so many choices! Yo-Yo Ma began playing when he was little, but what’s cool about learning a musical instrument is that it’s never too late to start. There’s always a new song to play, a new instrument to try, and you can even learn to write your own music, and then you’ll never run out of possibilities! And Jella wants me to remind you that there’s another instrument you can start with right now…and that’s your voice. Singing is always an option!

Bye for now!

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