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A Helping Hand

October 12, 2011

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s me, Lily, and I first want to say hi to all of our readers! We’ve really enjoyed hearing from you, and if you haven’t written to us yet, now’s the time! And speaking of writing, I wanted to thank Joseph, a sixth-grader, for writing such great things about Hospital Critterz: The Prairie Pet, and for saying such nice stuff about me! Joseph said that I’m pleasant, smart, and always working for a better cause, and that means so much to me! (To read Joseph’s book review, click here.)

When I showed my mom what Joseph had written, my mom said that his description of me reminded her of another important woman named Eleanor Roosevelt. (And her birthday was yesterday!) Have you heard of Eleanor Roosevelt? She was married to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and she was one of the most active and influential first ladies ever! She helped out her husband, and she also fought for equal rights for women and minority groups, and she worked hard to help people who were less fortunate. She also wrote articles for different magazines and had a daily newspaper column. It’s kind of like me and this blog! Eleanor Roosevelt was a true humanitarian, which means that she was kind, compassionate, and cared a lot for the wellbeing of others. I really think that’s how we should all try to be! And that way, we can help to make sure that everyone has a critterrific day!

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