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Happy Halloween!

October 26, 2011

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s me, Princess Lily, or at least that’s who I’m going to be for Halloween next week. My mom made me a crown that’s decorated with pink jewels, and I’m excited to wear it! Have you picked out your Halloween costume? What are you going to be? There’s still time to figure it out. It’s always a tough (but fun!) decision. Last year I was a fairy, and I had a wand covered with silver sequins and a matching pair of wings that I wore around my shoulders.

Here at the hospital, some of the doctors and nurses dress up, or they wear uniforms that are Halloween-themed with bats and pumpkins. I really like those. Samantha told me that this year she’s going to be a bunny for Halloween, and she has bunny ears and a little cotton tail. (Cherry-Ot can’t wait to see her costume.) Dr. Ling said that he’s going to be a wacky scientist with a giant red wig and big glasses. He’s going to look so funny! Max is going to dress up as a baseball player, but he’s waiting to see who wins the World Series so he can wear either a St. Louis Cardinals uniform or a Texas Rangers uniform…that way he can pretend he won the championship!

Also on Halloween, we have a parade where we walk around some of the floors of the hospital and show off our outfits. That’s my favorite part of the day, and we’re all pretty excited. But the most excited ones around here are the Hospital Critterz. They can’t wait for the parade!

So, on behalf of every person (and Critter!) here at the hospital, we hope you have a fun , safe, and totally critterrific Halloween!

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