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Sports All Around

November 2, 2011

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and this has been a crazy week, especially in the world of sports! First, the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers was so fun to watch. Did you see any of the games? They were really exciting, especially Game 6 which went into extra innings and had me on the edge of my seat! Then Game 7 was really intense, too, but the St. Louis Cardinals came out on top. Congratulations, Cardinals! And like Lily mentioned in her last post, I was going to dress up as either a St. Louis Cardinal or a Texas Ranger for Halloween depending on what happened in the game. So…you guessed it! I was a St. Louis Cardinal for Halloween! My parents got me a Cardinals jersey and hat that I wore around the hospital in the parade. What were you for Halloween? Did you go trick-or-treating? Halloween is such a fun holiday.

And speaking of fun, there was also a really awesome college football game last weekend between the Stanford Cardinals and the USC Trojans, and it went into triple overtime! It was so cool to see two star quarterbacks (Stanford’s Andrew Luck and USC’s Matt Barkley) play against each other, and Kwon Do and I kept shouting at the TV. It was such a close game! I really liked watching it. The Stanford Cardinals ended up winning, so I guess you could say it was a good week to be a “Cardinal” fan, no matter what “Cardinal” team you were rooting for!

Bye for now!

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