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Time and Time Again

November 9, 2011

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer today. Did you have a good week? What did you do? I’m sure a lot of you have different answers, but I know there’s one thing that all of you did this weekend…and that was setting your clocks back one hour for the end of Daylight Savings Time! We all got one extra hour of sleep, which is always a nice surprise. My mom told me that the best way to remember which way the clocks go for Daylight Savings Time is that we “fall backward” and “spring forward.” That means we set our clocks back one hour in the fall, and we set our clocks forward one hour in the spring. Beary Bruised really likes that play on words, and he got so excited when he heard it that he actually lost his balance and fell backward. He was literally acting out Daylight Savings Time!

Cherry-Ot said that Benjamin Franklin, one of our Founding Fathers, came up with the idea for Daylight Savings Time when he was working as an American delegate in Paris in 1784. He even wrote about it in an essay called, “An Economical Project,” and he thought that the idea of Daylight Savings Time would be a great way to save on the amount of candles being used in America. (People used candles to give them light!)

I like the idea of Daylight Savings Time because it gives us an extra hour of sunlight during the spring and summer, which means we have more time to have fun when it’s warmer outside. And that’s pretty cool! Or maybe I should say that’s pretty hot! And don’t forget, have a critterrific day!

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