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Being Neighborly

December 14, 2011

Hey, what’s up! It’s me, Max, and I want to say hi to all of our readers. Actually, I should really say, “Hi, neighbor,” to all of our readers because December is National “Say Hi to Your Neighbor” Month. Did you know the word “neighbor” has a couple of meanings? I know that neighbor can mean the person who lives next door to you (Lily is my neighbor!), but Cherry-Ot looked it up in the dictionary, and neighbor can also mean just a fellow person. And this person can be anyone from a kid in your class, your uncle who visits during the holidays, or the volunteer who helps out at the hospital. I think saying hi to your neighbor is a cool theme for the month because it reminds all of us to be extra-friendly and kind to the people (and Critterz) who are around us. Sometimes just saying hi to people can really brighten their day. And saying hi to someone can actually brighten your day, too! You never know when you’re going to make a new friend. And if you don’t feel like saying hi (which I know I’ve felt sometimes), you can always just smile at someone. Even a smile can make someone’s day a little bit better. Maybe December should also be called National “Smile” Month. I know I smile a lot during December because it’s the holiday time. Plus, with the Hospital Critterz around, I’m pretty much always smiling. Sometimes I smile so much that my cheeks start to shake! Has that ever happened to you? It’s so funny!

Bye for now, neighbor!

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