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New Year, New You!

December 28, 2011

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and this is my last post for 2011! Lily thanked you all last week, and I want to thank you, too! You guys are awesome! And since 2012 is only days away, it’s time to think of New Year’s resolutions. Day Z Girl asked me what those are, and I told her that a New Year’s resolution is a decision to try to do or accomplish something in the New Year. It can be anything from learning words in a different language, getting together with a friend you haven’t seen recently, starting a new hobby, or making an effort to be friendly to all of your classmates. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? Tell us what they are! One of my resolutions is to spend more time reading instead of watching TV. One of Lily’s resolutions is to teach others how to improve their drawing skills, including me!

If you haven’t thought of a New Year’s resolution yet, the Hospital Critterz have some ideas for you, too.

Dr. Duck Ling thinks you should tell more jokes!

Ping & Pong want you to spend time helping the environment, like picking up trash and recycling paper and cans.

Beary Bruised thinks you should write poetry.

Cherry-Ot says you should read more books and spend time at the library.

Day Z Girl thinks you should ask more questions!

Kwon Do wants you to learn how to play a new sport.

Fishy Kitty says you should practice typing so you can type without looking at the keys!

Miss Soy wants you to wear sunblock when you go outside.

Ditto says you should give your very best effort in school and on your homework and make sure to follow what your teacher says!

Jella thinks you should learn how to play a musical instrument and practice, practice, practice!

Mr. Pan-D wants you to get a good night’s sleep every night.

So, Happy New Year, friends! We’ll see you in 2012!

Bye for now!

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