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Happy New Year!

January 4, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily, and this is my first post for 2012! Did you have a good New Year’s? Max, the Hospital Critterz, and I tried to stay up until midnight and watch the ball drop on TV (it took place in Times Square in New York City), but we fell asleep before it happened. I bet you can guess who was the first one to fall asleep…Mr. Pan-D! He was fast asleep at 7:00 p.m. Oh well!

Even though I missed watching the ball drop, I knew there was one thing that I wasn’t going to miss. And that’s watching the Rose Parade! Actually, it was the 123rd Tournament of Roses Parade to be exact. Did you see it? I watch it every year with my mom and dad. And there were a lot of really cool floats this year. One was a colorful dragon with smoke coming out of its nose. Another had a huge bald eagle whose wings were decorated like the American flag. And there was a float with a giant football player and skier. I still think it’s so neat that the floats are completely decorated with flowers. They look so pretty! I also think it’s amazing how the floats have so many colors and textures from the flowers and plants. That’s probably why Ping & Pong and Day Z Girl liked watching the parade, too. There were also awesome marching bands and so many horses and horseback riders that I lost count!

Each year, the Rose Parade has a theme, and this year’s theme was “Just Imagine.” I really like that theme because it makes me “just imagine” what this year will bring for me, Max, and the Hospital Critterz. I think this theme can inspire all of us to believe in ourselves and keep dreaming. Anything is possible!

So, Happy New Year readers! We hope you have a critterrific 2012!

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