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Monumental Man

January 18, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer. Did you have a good week? I did. A lot of people had a three-day weekend because it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, which is a national holiday. Some of my friends from my class visited me (because there was no school!), and it was fun to see them. I asked Cherry-Ot to read to us about Martin Luther King, Jr., and we learned that he was born on January 15, 1929, and he worked hard to get equal rights for African Americans and helped get laws passed that protected people’s freedom. He was against violence and led peaceful protests, and he even won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Plus, he was a great speaker, and he inspired a lot of people with his words. He believed that everybody should be treated equally no matter what, and I agree. (We all do!)

Martin Luther King, Jr. was an incredible person, and there is now a Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial in Washington, D.C. made in his honor. It just opened in August of last year. The sculptor who made it is named Lei Yixin, and he carved a giant image of Martin Luther King, Jr. out of granite. Have you been there? I want to see it in person.

So, I hope you had a critterrific Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in honor of a truly critterrific person like Martin Luther King, Jr.!

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