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Spring into Action!

March 28, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer today, and I’m happy to announce that it’s officially spring! And to get into the spring mood, I made flower decorations by cutting out different flower shapes from pink and yellow construction paper, and I put the flowers up around my room. And speaking of flowers, Ping & Pong told me about the kinds of flowers that bloom in spring, like cherry blossoms, gardenias, orchids, poppies, and tulips. Plus, a lot of lilies bloom in spring, like calla lilies, casablanca lilies, and gloriosa lilies…and as you know, lilies are my favorite for an obvious reason!

Miss Soy told me that there are also certain fruits and vegetables that become ripe in the spring and taste their absolute best, like apricots, kiwis, and kumquats, as well as artichokes, carrots, and peas. Spring is really the perfect time to make a yummy salad, whether it’s a fruit salad or a vegetable salad.

But besides the pretty flowers and ripe fruits and vegetables, there’s another reason that so many people like spring. And that’s because of spring break! A lot of schools have some time off, and sometimes people take trips with their friends and family. So if you do have days off from school or work, try to come and visit a friend in the hospital. Visitors are always welcome (and appreciated!) no matter what the season!

And don’t forget…have a critterrific spring day!

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