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Happy Fourth of July!

July 4, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! Happy Fourth of July! It’s Lily at the computer, and I hope you’re having a great holiday. Are you doing something fun today? Be sure to let us know! A lot of people celebrate the holiday with barbeques, picnics, and fairs. People also wave American flags, dress in red, white, and blue, and even paint their faces in patriotic ways! I’m wearing red, white, and blue pajamas today to get into the holiday spirit. Dr. Ling has on a tie that looks like an American flag, and Nurse Samantha is wearing scrubs with red, white, and blue firework designs on them. And speaking of fireworks, are you going to see any fireworks tonight? Fireworks shows are so cool! (But they can be loud!) I love all of the bright colors. Actually, the colors remind me of Mr. McPopper’s markers bursting in the sky! I like to watch the fireworks on TV, and I’ve realized that the best part of a fireworks display is usually at the end. That’s really when they show the biggest, brightest, and best stuff. So try not to miss the end of a show! But most importantly, remember to be safe on the Fourth of July. You should never touch fireworks under any circumstances. Leave that to the trained professionals. I promise you’ll like their shows!

So we wish you a safe, happy, and critterrific Fourth of July!

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