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Mobile Magic

July 25, 2012

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and thanks for checking out our blog. Did you have a fun weekend? What did you do? Be sure to write and let us know! Cherry-Ot said that this Sunday, July 22nd, was the birthday of an artist named Alexander Calder. Have you heard of him? He was an American sculptor who became famous for making “mobiles,” which are kinds of sculptures that can move and sway in the breeze. Calder’s mobiles are made of wires and have different metal shapes on them. And the shapes are usually painted in all kinds of bright colors. Calder even said that he “paints with shapes.” Cherry-Ot told me that looking at a mobile in person is like watching different shapes float way up high above your head. Dr. Duck Ling agreed, but he said that looking at a mobile is more like watching shapes float directly in front of your face…but that’s just because he can fly and see the mobile up-close!

Alexander Calder lived from 1898 to 1976, and he was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And guess what…his mom and dad were artists, too. That’s one talented family! You can find his work all around the United States and in cities like Paris, Berlin, and Madrid. I hope one day there will be a mobile in Kite Tree!

Bye for now!

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