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Going for Gold!

August 1, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer today, and we’ve been busy watching the Olympics and cheering on Team USA. Did you see the Opening Ceremonies last Friday night? I stayed up late so I could watch it. I liked when they set off all of the fireworks, and I also thought it was cool how they lit the final torch. And I know Jella really enjoyed all of the singing. She’s still humming the closing song “Hey Jude.” Plus, it was super funny to watch the Queen of England pretend to jump out of a helicopter! But I think my favorite part was watching all of the countries march into the stadium. (And there are sure a lot of countries!) Everyone was cheering and smiling, and I couldn’t help but smile, too. What a cool feeling it must be to represent where you came from. The athletes are amazing!

Samantha asked me what my favorite Olympic event is, but I’m really not sure. It’s hard for me to choose! I know Max and Kwon Do like watching the basketball because so many of the NBA’s best players like LeBron James, Chris Paul, and Kobe Bryant are working together on the same team. Maybe I like basketball the best, too? Or soccer? Or swimming? Or diving? Or gymnastics? Or volleyball? It’s too hard to decide!

Good luck Team USA! And don’t forget…have a critterrific day!

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