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Fun with Vocab!

August 22, 2012

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and I hope you’re having an awesome day. Lily and I have been doing a lot of reading here at the hospital, and sometimes when we’re reading, we see unfamiliar words in our books and don’t know what they mean. Has that ever happened to you? Samantha told me that she always reads with a dictionary nearby (or an online dictionary nearby) so that she can stop and look up words that she doesn’t know. Then she writes down these words (with their definitions) on her very own word list. And this list really helps her remember new words! I think that’s a cool idea, so Lily, the Hospital Critterz, and I have started our own word lists. I like learning all these new vocabulary words and using them in sentences. And what’s funny is that now I feel like I hear and see these new words all the time! One of the new words I put on my list is serendipity. Do you know what that means? Serendipity is when you discover great things by accident.

I asked Lily and the Hospital Critterz about their word lists, and here are some new vocabulary words that they’ve learned:

Lily: Ecstatic means happy and overjoyed
Fishy Kitty: Prodigious means extraordinary and immense in size
Ping & Pong: Complaisant means agreeable and pleasing
Day Z Girl: Inquisitive means curious and questioning
Beary Bruised: Unwieldy means awkward and hard to handle
Kwon Do: Vivacious means lively and full of energy
Dr. Duck Ling: Gregarious means social and outgoing
Jella: Sonorous means sounding loud and deep
Miss Soy: Salubrious means healthful
Cherry Ot: Paragon means a model of perfection
Mr. Pan-D: Soporific means causing sleep
Ditto: Facsimile means an exact copy

Be sure to let us know all the new vocabulary words you’re learning and putting on your word lists. Bye for now!

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