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A Good Sport

October 3, 2012

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and I hope you’re all having an awesome day. Kwon Do and I have been busy these days watching a lot of sports on TV. There’s an NFL game on Thursday night, college football on Saturday, more NFL games on Sunday, and even another NFL game on Monday night. Is there a team you’re rooting for? The Green Bay Packers? The New England Patriots? Be sure to post it on our blog! It seems like football is non-stop these days…which makes me happy! Kwon Do and I have also been really busy watching a lot of baseball. I wonder who’s going to be in the World Series this year. The San Francisco Giants? The Baltimore Orioles? Which team do you think is going to win it all?

It must be awesome to be a professional athlete. I think that’d be such a fun job. Sometimes athletes come and visit us at the hospital which is always really cool. I’d love to be a professional athlete when I grow up. But no matter what, I know there’s definitely one thing I’m always going to do when I’m older…and that’s visit McPopper Children’s Hospital!

Bye for now!

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