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Rococo Rocks!

October 10, 2012

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer, and thanks for checking out our blog. Cherry Ot told me that today is the birthday of Jean-Antoine Watteau, who was a famous French painter. Have you heard of him? He was born in 1684, and he was one of the artists who started a movement called Rococo which was popular in Europe during the 1700s. While a lot of paintings before Rococo were huge and showed religious subjects, Watteau and other Rococo artists decided to paint smaller pictures which usually showed scenes from mythology. Also, Rococo artists like Watteau made a new type of painting called fete galante, which showed people dressed in fancy clothes who were dancing, talking, and having a lot of fun in a park or garden. It was one big party! That’s why it’s not surprising that fete galante means “elegant party” in French!

I asked Cherry Ot why the art movement was called Rococo, and she told me that the word comes from a French word for a fancy rock or seashell design that looks very elegant and stylish. I just think it’s a fun word to say!

So, happy birthday Jean-Antoine Watteau! And don’t forget…have a critterrific elegant day!

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