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The Homonym Hop!

August 28, 2013

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer, and I hope you’re having an awesome week. Today at the hospital we’ve been talking a lot about homonyms. Do you know what a homonyms is? Cherry-Ot told me that homonyms are words that sound the same and sometimes even have the same spelling, but they have different meanings. For example, the word allowed and the word aloud are homonyms. These two words sound the exact same, but the first word means what’s permitted, and the second word means out loud. Pretty neat, huh? Here are some other cool examples of homonyms that we came up with today:

A pail is a bucket, and pale is a light color.

An isle is an island, and an aisle is a walkway.

A role is a part you play, and roll means to rotate.

A duel is a fight, and dual means double.

A site is a location, and sight is what you use to see.

A cent is a penny, and a scent is what you smell.

Can you think of more homonyms? Be sure to post them on our blog! And don’t forget, have a critterrific homonym-filled day!

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