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Room to Improve

September 18, 2013

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and I hope you’re having an awesome day! The weather has been really warm here in Kite Tree, although we’re already in the middle of September. I don’t even need to put a sweater on when I go outside. It still feels like summer. But since it’s actually September, Cherry-Ot told me that September is known as Self-Improvement Month. Do you know what self-improvement means? I learned that self-improvement is when you do things to make yourself better, whether it’s advancing your mind or improving how you act. I think for Self-Improvement Month I’m going to try to learn to play a musical instrument like a violin or a cello. (I bet Jella will sing to all my songs.) Lily said that she wants to learn words in a different language. (I bet Jella will sing songs in the different language, too.) But since self-improvement is also about being a better person, now’s the time to work on being nicer to others and being a better friend. Remember, there’s always room to improve, and now’s the time!

Bye for now!

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