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The Love of Language

October 9, 2013

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! Or maybe I should say hola or konnichiwa or bonjour or shalom or ciao! That’s how you say hello in Spanish, Japanese, French, Hebrew, and Italian. It’s me, Lily, and today I learned that the world has over 6,500 different languages. That’s a lot! I definitely want to learn as many languages as I can because then I can talk to as many people as possible. And that way I can have as many friends as possible! It would be so fun to go to another country and understand what people are saying. Plus, I’d get to say things right back! That’d be awesome!

What’s so cool about language is that even if you don’t speak the same language as someone else, you can still understand a lot of the emotions that people are having. If I look at a photo of a boy who’s smiling, I can tell that he is happy, even if he doesn’t speak English. Also, if a girl has a frown in a photo, and her eyes are red from crying, I can tell that she’s sad. Cherry-Ot told me that 93% of communication is nonverbal. That means that we can all understand each other by using facial expressions, hand movements, and body language. That’s pretty cool!

What languages do you want to learn? Be sure to let us know! And don’t forget, have a critterrific language-filled day!

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