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Halloween’s a Treat!

October 30, 2013

Hey, what’s up? It’s me, Max, and tomorrow is Halloween! I’m so excited! Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I wait for it to come all year long. Why? Because I love dressing up! This year I’m going as a firefighter. My parents bought me a firefighter costume with a yellow jacket, a helmet, and a shirt that says, “Kite Tree Fire Department.” Firefighters are so brave, and I’m honored to be able to dress up in their uniform. What’s super cool is that the Kite Tree Firefighters come to McPopper Children’s Hospital a lot to visit us. They’re such nice people. They even let us sit in their truck and showed us where all of the hoses are. Of course, I should also mention that Lily is really excited for Halloween, too, and she’s dressing up as a fairy princess. She even has wings, a crown, and a wand that sparkles. But unlike the firefighters, we’ve never had a fairy princess visit the hospital…at least not yet!

What are you going to be for Halloween? Be sure to let us know! And for all you trick-or-treaters out there, remember to be safe! Always have an adult with you wherever you go, and don’t eat anything that isn’t wrapped. That’s what the firefighters told me and Lily, and now it makes sense that I’m telling you!

Bye for now!

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