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The “Write” Stuff

November 6, 2013

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer, and I hope you’re having a great day! How’s your November going so far? Cherry-Ot told me that November is National Novel Writing Month. That means it’s a great month to start writing a book or finish writing one (or two or three) books that you’ve already started. There are so many different topics to write about, and the best part about writing is that there are no wrong answers! You can write about anything and anyone. Your characters can go on awesome adventures and fly to far-off universes. Writing let’s you pick and choose whatever you want! As the writer, you’re the one who gets to make all the decisions. Who is your main character? What’s his or her name? Where is he or she from? What happens to him or her? I think I’m going to write a story about a ballerina named Lydia who loves to dance and overcomes being shy by dancing in front of her entire school. And Max told me that he wants to write a story about a football kicker named Cody who always scores a field goal no matter where he kicks the ball from. Cody just can’t miss, and he doesn’t know how or why! It’s magic!

What story are you going to write this month? Be sure to post your ideas on our blog! And don’t forget, have a critterrific writing-filled day (and month)!

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