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Happy Teddy Bear Day!

September 9, 2014

Hi from McPopper Children’s Hospital! It’s Lily at the computer, and we decided to do an early post this week because we are excited to announce that today is Teddy Bear Day! This is a day to celebrate our favorite stuffed bear friends and give them a big hug. Do you know the story behind the Teddy Bear? Cherry Ot told me that when President Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th president of the United States) was on a hunting trip in Mississippi in 1902, he wouldn’t shoot a wounded bear, and then a newspaper ran a cartoon of the President next to a cuddly little bear. After Morris Michtom, a shop owner in New York, saw this cartoon, he sent a stuffed bear that his wife made to the President. He then asked the President if he could call the bear a “Teddy Bear” because “Teddy” was the president’s nickname. And guess what…President Roosevelt said yes! The stuffed bears became really popular, and the Michtoms even went on to start their own toy company. Isn’t that cool? Who knew these fuzzy little bears had such an awesome history!

We hope you give your bear a big hug on this truly critterrific day. And guess what…I’m going to hug Beary Bruised right now!


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